International Creole Fest : Mission
Mission Statement:

The International Creole Fest is designed to promote and celebrate the diversity and the richness of the Creole culture. It aims at building cross-cultural awareness; establishing links between all cultures. Its ultimate goal is to celebrate unity within diversity.

An Outstanding Venue for the Promotion of the Creole Culture

The International Creole Fest offers a highly advantageous venue for the promotion of the Creole World both in terms of its art and culture as well as its commerce and tourism. It will bring together artists of different Creole backgrounds of the world. The lilting accents to be found in its language, its music, its dance, its art and its cuisine will enrich the festival site and make it a world showcase of the Creole culture for two consecutive days.

More than 400,000 People of Creole Background in South Florida

South Florida lends itself perfectly to a festival of Creole culture. One of Broward’s draws is its cultural diversity. According to the 2000 US Census, its population was 53% Caucasian, 20% Black, 17% Hispanic, 2% Mixed Race and 3% «other». The numbers of those coming from Creole cultures are definitely on the rise: the number of West Indians (originating from English-speaking or French/Creole areas increased to 156, 343 from 56,893 in 1990. The whole of South Florida contains more than 400,000 inhabitants from the Creole culture. Creole is the third most important language after English and Spanish in terms of public communication. Its use is obligatory in areas of large public service such as airports, hospitals, schools, election polls and public places as well as in municipal press releases and Internet sites related to the Department of Education.

Energizing the Creole Experience

Through its language and the traditions that it carries, the Creole “Art de Vivre” transcends generations. As such the International Creole Fest will validate the Creole world by offering to the larger South Florida community a window into its uniqueness. On the other hand the festival will also permit an infusion of invigorating energy into this Creole culture, by creating new opportunities for its members to weave mutual historical roots, search out common trends and celebrate a common heritage. In other words, besides linking together the fragments of the Creole speaking world created by history the festival will be a truly unique opportunity for mutual rediscovery and for the promotion of the Creole culture, its tourist destinations and its products.

A Free Festival for a Large Public

The festival will be free to the general public. The site and its surroundings offer all of the necessary services for the comfort of the participants.
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